the cork board exhi bit(s)

Trivial events. I’m just working on my cork board.

Of course: I keep & store ALL the sheets and notes and ephemera I’ve been pinning in the last –say– two years. Here are some of them, … a ‘retrospective’:

Well. Then I decide I’ll go on pinning stuff using the board as a public exhibit space. The like.
Same links. Stay tuned.


hosts_ Jim Leftwich_ not this_ Dec. 26th, 2011

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SCRIBD differx_host_ed
01__John Martone_ A Deciphering_ 2009
02__Biagio Cepollaro_ Disassembled polyptych_ 2009
03__Luca Zanini_ Frammento_ 2009
04__D.-B.Chirot_ Killer Chrome_ 2009
05__J.Leftwich-A.Topel_ Concept_ 2009/2010
06__G.Evason__Six drawings, four paintings_2009/2010
07__J.Leftwich_9 texts from Six Months Aint No Sentence_2011

ISSUU differx_host_ed
01__Roberto Cavallera_ Stanza e altro_ 2010
02__Michele Marinelli__Grandi notizie_2010
03__Luca Zanini__Rash_2010

draft/issue # 01 (October, 2009)
draf/issue #02 (March, 2010)
draft/issue #03 (December, 2010)
draft/issue #04 (May, 2011)

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