jim leftwich: “asemic writing definitions and contexts, 1998-2016”

Here’s a revised version of Jim Leftwich’s “Asemic Writing Definitions and Contexts, 1998-2016”:

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It’s in the folder “ONGOING RESEARCH in and around ASEMIC WRITING”

word for / word, issue #27: on line now



Issue 27 (2016 February): Katie Hibner, John Gallaher and Kristina Marie Darling, Elizabeth Witte, Jeff Harrison, Anne Gorrick, Matthew Cooperman, W. Scott Howard, Christopher Mulrooney, Michael Broder, Arpine Konyalian Grenier, Tom Hibbard, Marco Giovenale, Adam Golaski, Andrew Topel, Scott Helmes, Francesco Aprile, John M. Bennett, Mike Sikkema, Cover art by Mike Sikkema.

a pdf file here: http://www.wordforword.info/vol27/wfw27.pdf


“three layers”, by mg, @ the text archive blog

Thanks to Tony Trehy for asking me to write about my participation in the 2011 edition of the Bury Text Festival. And thanks to Susan Lord: here’s the piece, http://textartarchive.com/guest-bloggers/

Also – as a pdf – here: