blackbox manifold: issue #14


Issue 14 of Blackbox Manifold is out:
featuring work by Michael Aird, Iain Britton, Philip Byron Oakes, Billy Cancel, Bonny Cassidy, Martyn Crucefix, Mark Dickinson, Laura Elliott, Daniel Eltringham, Henry Gould, Sarah Howe, Dimitra Ioannou, Adam Katz & Emilia Jagica, Shara McCallum, Maureen McLane, Peter Manson, Tom Snarsky, Jamie Osborn, Tom Phillips, Frederick Pollack, Keith Sands, Charles Tarlton, Juha Virtanen.

It has a special section curated by Michael Farrell, ‘Coral: Poems Heard in Europe’ with work by Marco Giovenale, Heather Green, Linn Hansén, Natalie Häusler, Juan Diego Otero, Peter Streckfus. And it closes with reviews by Jon Thompson of new work by Ágnes Lehóczky, and by Adam Piette of new collections from Colin Simms and Peter Riley.


“nioques” au marché de la poésie (paris, 10-14 juin)


NIOQUES est au marché de la poésie sur le stand des Editions Al Dante (stand 506)

du mercredi 10 juin au dimanche 14 juin.

L’occasion de découvrir le numéro 14 : ITALIE / ITALIA.