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messaggi ai poeti, #31: philip davenport, “the dark would”

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ny: soup & sound inaugural poetry series

Soup & Sound Inaugural Poetry Series event April 24

Featuring a great group of poets:

John M. Bennett (from Columbus, Ohio), Steve Dalachinsky (NY all the way!), Bruce Andrews, Ron Kolm, and violinist/poet Sarah Bernstein.

The poets will work with and against various sounds and musicians including saxophonist/improviser Jack Wright, trombonist Jen Baker, and percussionist/cook/curator Andrew Drury.


Thursday, April 24 at 8:00pm
Location: near the Sterling St. 2/5 subway stop in Brooklyn, NY


fraser, farrell, prater: a reading in rome, at “the almost corner bookshop”, april 22

Roma, 22 aprile 2014, alle ore 18:30
The Almost Corner Bookshop
Via del Moro 45
00153 Rome, Italy

reading di

Kathleen Fraser, Michael Farrell, David Prater


tel. 06 583 6942


six months ain’t no sentence_ by Jim Leftwich @ differxhost “BOX” (books 01-50 plus 51-71)


differx and differxhost [see here and here] host the books 01-50 plus – now – the books 51-71 of “Six Months Aint No Sentence”: works by Jim Leftwich [+ a file by John M. Bennett, re-working on J.L.'s texts]

All the pdf files are freely downloadable here.

(CC) Jim Leftwich, 2011-14


“anachromisms”: copertina



immagine di copertina: Elisabetta Tomassini

book design: Janet Holmes