an asemic piece for freke rähiä’s “[title missing] – a quality of motion”, by mg


an asemic piece by me is on the cover of “[title missing] – a quality of motion”, by Freke Rähiä (published by Bill Allegrezza’s MoriaPoetry: I’m honored.

jim leftwich: “asemic writing definitions and contexts, 1998-2016”

Here’s a revised version of Jim Leftwich’s “Asemic Writing Definitions and Contexts, 1998-2016”:

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It’s in the folder “ONGOING RESEARCH in and around ASEMIC WRITING”

“three layers”, by mg, @ the text archive blog

Thanks to Tony Trehy for asking me to write about my participation in the 2011 edition of the Bury Text Festival. And thanks to Susan Lord: here’s the piece,

Also – as a pdf – here:


issue #8 of zoomoozophone review (“the asemic issue”) is online

Issue #8 of Zoomoozophone Review (the asemic issue), edited by Matt Margo, is online at, featuring
cover art by
Marco Giovenale
and asemic texts by
Alexander Limarev, Amanda Reeves, Ásgrímur Þórhallsson, billy bob beamer, Cecelia Chapman, Cristiano Caggiula, Denis Smith, Dona Mayoora, Edward Kulemin, Ethan T. Parcell, Fabio Lapiana, Federico Federici, Francesco Aprile, Giuseppe Andrea Liberti, Jack Galmitz, Jerry Dreesen, Jim Leftwich, Jim Wittenberg, John M. Bennett, Kerry Mitchell, Lin Tarczynski, Marco Giovenale, Maria West, Mark Young, Mauro Césari, Michael Jacobson, Michel Audouard, Miriam Midley, Mjamj Snjirc, Nathan Stapleton, Nicholas Zhu, Nico Vassilakis, Niranjan Navalgund, Patrick Collier, Ricardo E. Gonsalves, Robert Swereda, Rosaire Appel, Ruth E. Rollason, Shloka Shankar, Stephen Nelson, Tommasina Bianca Squadrito, and Vincent DeVeau