who can handle the truth?

003 atlantis right wings throughout their forces have announced a flood
158 mystery remains unsolved
822 followed by the army 012 saying that something might have 015 finally 016 preferred to handle every year 021 the box of questions

029 investigations find out what we ought to do is
029 (it’s right) we ought to do advise the american

042 people but frankly who can handle the truth?

554 happenings in the skies over phoenix
058 analysis 407 stand profits 110 finally tonight there is a strange bright light and the fact that it is on 913

913 it’s a lot of people wondering why our danish resort has five witnesses inside
128 blasting
207 then there’s the knowledge of databases
153 controversial issues
225 mexican air force pilots captured on videotape what are said to be **************** phenomena