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and… here I guest curated a gallery of asemic writing:

Gallery 17: Asemic Writing — Skinner
Gallery 18: Asemic Writing — Samigulina
Gallery 19: Asemic Writing  — Guatteri
Gallery 20: Asemic Writing  — Tee
Gallery 21: Asemic Writing  — Uzal


runbook _ extra

Le runbook 2012 // 2013 se termine ! Nous sommes heureux de vous inviter à télécharger un extra qui conclut cette nouvelle expérience.

Colette Raynaud & Hervé Vachez

//  Extra 2O13  // Hosoo Fumihiko / Ofer Ashel / Christophe Manon / Anne Collongues / Pierre-Yves Freund / Caroline Barbera / Frank Smith / Luca Zanini / Christian Bernard / Michael jasmin / Catherine Pomparat / Laurent Rousseau / Tommasina Squadrito / Eric Sarner / Franck Doyen / Vered Babai / Franck Fontaine / Emmanuelle Germain / Patrice de Santa Coloma / Virgile Novarina / Anne-Lise Dehée / Katrine Dupérou / Armelle de Sainte Marie / Frédéric Nauczyciel / Daniel Guyonnet / Manuela Morgaine / Emmanuel Tête / jon cloud / Jérôme Giller / Michel Della Vedova / François-René Malbreil / Benoit Giros /

nioques, #11

già da diverso tempo è uscito il nuovo numero di “Nioques”:


“infinity’s kitchen”, issue #6

New work from 13 international contributors in print and 26 international contributors online 

Infinity’s Kitchen, a small literary journal, announces the release of a sixth issue. Founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008, Infinity’s Kitchen is a graphic literary journal ofexperimental literature and conceptual writing. The publication is designed to explore new and innovative forms of literature, via print, performance and technology. The sixth and latest issue contains poetry, short fiction, constrained writing, antonymic poetry, visual poetry, an essay about word squares and a poem composed of redacted hip hop lyrics: all from 13 international contributors in print and 26 international contributors online.

The publication will host a release party in Brooklyn, New York at The Old American Can Factory. The party will celebrate the magazine’s sixth issue of experimental literature, on the evening of June 13, 2013.

Contributors to the new issue will read and/or discuss their work during the event. These contributors include: Billy Cancel, whose poems are collages of found phrases and ideas; Greg Gathman, an experimental filmmaker whose video combines cellphone footage and music to accompany interlaced lines from different poems; Gary Heidt, author of an essay exploring the idea of the Word Square; Erica ESH Henry, who combines the use of musical notational symbols with written poetry; Katie Morales, a dancer and choreographer whose essay offers “erratic thoughts on an art form nobody cares about unless Natalie Portman is making out with a girl” and representatives from the Van Reipen Collective who will perform a poem written for multiple simultaneous voices by Scottish poet Ashby McGowan.


Date: June 13, 2013. Time: Doors open at 7:30 p.m., show starts at 8:00 p.m. Location: The Old American Can Factory,  Gowanus Canal Brooklyn, 232 Third Street corner Third Avenue in Gowanus, Brooklyn at the edge of the Gowanus Canal’s Fifth Street Basin centered between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY 11215. (very detailed directions: ) Ticket Price: Free. RSVP by e-mail at info[at] or on Facebook or Google+.

lettere grosse # 07



“fuck you”: the mag & its archive



“blue & yellow dog”, issue #10

Blue & Yellow Dog issue 10, the Fall 2012 issue is on line:

It contains work by 28 poets and one special photographer.

The double issue: Issue 9 Summer & Issue 10 Fall B&YDog is currently available at Blue & Yellow Dog Book Shop:


All books published by B&YDog Press are available 24/7.