“an anthology of asemic handwriting”

“An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting” now available for preorder. Shipping expected this month.http://www.uitgeverij.cc/publications/an-anthology-of-asemic-handwriting/
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“from the other side of the century: a new american poetry 1960-1990″, by douglas messerli

In 1960 Donald Allen published his ground-breaking anthology, The New American Poetry, which gathered some of the most important innovative poets writing since World War II, and helped Americans perceive a tradition that was different from the poetry of the 1940s and 1950s put forth by the American Academy in general, and by the New Critics in particular. The effect of this anthology has been staggering, and has helped to shape poetry since its publication. And since 1970 many readers have waited for another such anthology for the poets writing after Allen’s contribution. Many anthologies have appeared, but either they have focused on particular groups of writers or have been too unfocused aesthetically to have the impact of The New American Poetry.

Working over the past ten years, Douglas Messerli has attempted to bring together some of these same issues and concerns, reiterating them into the context of United States and Canadian poetry since Donald Allen’s collection. Like Allen, Messerli has organized his selection into somewhat arbitrary and non-rigid categories; but unlike Allen he has refused to “name” these in the concern (in the context of today’s more eclectic and socially-based gatherings) that they will be misunderstood as actual “groups” or poets driven only by particular ideas or theories.


Messerli is the editor of “Language” Poetries, published by New Directions; and Contemporary American Fiction, published by his own Sun & Moon Press. He is also the author of four books of poetry, a film for fiction in poetry, and a play.

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“an anthology of asemic handwriting”

“An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting” now available for preorder. Shipping expected early September.http://www.uitgeverij.cc/publications/an-anthology-of-asemic-handwriting/

exhibit @ nelsonville

The exhibit entitled Prints from The Last Vispo Anthology now showing at the Nelsonville Public Library has been extended by a week, through February 22, and there will be a closing reception at the library on Final Friday, February 22, from 6-8 PM. Endwar and guest artist paloin biloid from Cleveland will be there. The exhibit includes 27 prints from the book, 7 additional prints from Endwar, some sculpture poems by Endwar, and a few works by guest artists paloin biloid, John M. Bennett, and C. Mehrl Bennett.

Nelsonville Public Library, 95 W. Washington Street, Nelsonville, OH

pre-order copies of “the last vispo anthology” now

The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008 is being published by Fantagraphics Books and will arrive in stores by early November. You can PRE-ORDER copies now at http://www.fantagraphics.com/browse-shop/the-last-vispo-anthology-visual-poetry-1998-2008.html. Also, there will be an international schedule of launches and exhibits for The Last Vispo that will be posted in the coming months.

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the Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/last.vispo

the website – http://www.thelastvispo.com/


JCU Press Announces Publication of Latest Volume of “InVerse: Italian Poets in Translation”

John Cabot University Press is pleased to announce the publication of the latest volume of InVerse: Italian Poets in Translation, edited by Brunella Antomarini, Berenice Cocciolillo, and Rosa Filardi.

The anthology collects the works of renowned poets who already belong to the history of Italian poetry, together with younger and less known poets whom we believe are going to leave a mark on contemporary Italian poetry.  The work of two well-known North American poets, Canadian Barry Callaghan and American Susan Stewart, is also featured in the anthology. They were special guests—with Valerio Magrelli and Mariangela Gualtieri – of two editions of the InVerse festival entitled InVerse-Two Poets in Mutual Translation.  A brief selection of women futurist writers taken from Cecilia Bello Micciacchi’s seminal book Spirale di dolcezza + Serpe di fascino – antologia di scrittrici futuriste further enriches the anthology.

Featured poets: Benedetta, Alessandra Berardi, Tomaso Binga, Silvia Bre, Nanni Cagnone, Maria Grazia, Calandrone, Barry Callaghan, Anna Cascella Luciani, Ottavio Fatica, Gabriele Frasca, Mariangela Gualtieri, Jolanda Insana, Paola Loreto, Valerio Magrelli, Giulio Marzaioli, Elisa Pezzani, Andrea Raos, Marilena Renda, Vito Riviello, Rosa Rosà, Luigi Socci, Susan Stewart, and Valentino Zeichen.

Founded in 2005 by JCU professors Brunella Antomarini, Berenice Cocciolillo, Rosa Filardi, the InVerse festival is one of the University’s most important cultural events and has filled a need in Rome for a forum in which to read, translate, and discuss Italian poetry. It is a chance to listen to some of the most interesting voices in contemporary Italian poetry read their work, which will also be read in English translation.

The fifth InVerse anthology is forthcoming and will feature of prestigious poets such as Andrea Zanzotto and Maria Luisa Spaziani, among others. The next InVerse Italian Poets in Translation Festival will take place in June of 2012 and will be a celebration of the entire InVerse project and the five poetry anthologies.