amazon 1-2-3

“My week as an Amazon insider”
Carole Cadwalladr

“Amazon, Hachette e le responsabilità dei lettori”

“La retorica di Amazon”
Fabrizio Venerandi

michele emmer su alfabeta2

Una (sensata) critica di Michele Emmer al contesto recente della comunicazione:

[...] L’obiettivo era vendere di più. Esattamente questo è l’obiettivo: convincere di più, meglio e velocemente [...]



new issue of “altered scale”

as is up and ready to be read and viewed. This time, textual poetry is emphasized, although there is also fiction, asemia, video poetry, and music:

Thaddeus Rutkowski: Featured Artist
Plus Poetry by Wang Ping, Ann Tweedy, Liuyu Chen, John Bennett, Bill Yarrow, Changming Yuan, Heather Fuller, Michelle Greenblatt, Andrew Cantrell, Mary Kasimor, Richard Martin, Ian Ganassi, Mark Heuring, Terrence Folz, and Mark Fleury; asemia by Karri Pullo Rivera, Francesco Aprile, and Sven Staelen; music and collaboration by Todd Clouser, Jake Marmer, and Alon Nechushtan; video poetry by Jen Coleman, Catherine Merle Bennett, Michael Jacobson, Jake Berry, and Vernon Frazer.


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two langrids; three new modules


at otoliths:

- two langrids:

at ex-ex-lit:

- modules, #5, in ex-ex-lit dal 22 lug. 2014:

- modules, #6, in ex-ex-lit dal 30 lug. 2014:

- modules, #7, in ex-ex-lit dall’11 ago. 2014:


irma blank’s asemic writing

Thanks to Nerida Newbigin (and Tim Gaze), an English translation of Gillo Dorfles’ text on Irma Blank’s “Scritture asemantiche” is now available. See the updated post @ gammm: