amazon 1-2-3

“My week as an Amazon insider”
Carole Cadwalladr

“Amazon, Hachette e le responsabilità dei lettori”

“La retorica di Amazon”
Fabrizio Venerandi

michele emmer su alfabeta2

Una (sensata) critica di Michele Emmer al contesto recente della comunicazione:

[...] L’obiettivo era vendere di più. Esattamente questo è l’obiettivo: convincere di più, meglio e velocemente [...]



is life on the outside possible?

… working in relative isolation from the market



the whole text here:

(thanks to Jim Leftwich for having quoted this passage here)


roots§routes, a. IV, n. 2

Anno IV, n. 2 Performing History

Performing the Historical Past:
History – Poetry – Philosophy

by Freddie Rokem

Archivi biologici / Archivi biografici
di Alessandra Cianelli, Beatrice Ferrara, Alessandra Ferlito

Un percorso senza garanzie
di Iain Chambers

Su Stuart Hall. 
Gli Studi Culturali accanto al Vulcano
di Lidia Curti
Ginko. Un progetto di resilienza artistica
di Valentina Fiore

from: “against national poetry month as such” / charles bernstein. 1999

[...] The kind of poetry I want is not a happy art with uplifting messages and easy to understand emotions. I want a poetry that’s bad for you. Certainly not the kind of poetry that Volkswagen would be comfortable about putting in every new car it sells [...]
The most desirable aim of the Academy’s National Poetry Month is to increase the sales of poetry books. But when I scan some of the principal corporate sponsors of the program of the past several years, I can’t help noting (actually I can but I prefer not to) that some are among the major institutions that work actively against the wider distribution of poetry. The large chain bookstores are no friends to the small presses and independent bookstores that are the principal supporters of all types of American poetry: they have driven many independents out of business and made it more difficult for most small presses (the site of the vast majority of poetry publishing) to get their books into retail outlets, since by and large these presses are excluded from the large chains. [...]