“parcels”: text art by bruno neiva

Cartel A4 Bruno

PARCELS, a text art exhibition held by bruno neiva at Casa Museo Casares Quiroga, 12, Panaderas St., in A Coruña, Spain, from 2-28 September 2014.

PARCELS is comprised of an heterogeneous set of text artworks where language registers and typography are combined with image and composition through several techniques, ranging from the usage of poor/found materials to digital processes, resulting in a tension between text, image and media.

PARCELS is also an homage to the artists Marcel Broodthaers, Ana Hatherly and Álvaro Lapa.

bruno neiva is a Portuguese text artist, poet and writer based in Spain.

He’s recently published averbaldraftsone&otherstories in Britain through Knives Forks and Spoons Press and has work published in several magazines and anthologies.

He also runs the faux artist’s books and e-chapbooks publishing house umaestruturaassimsempudorreedições with artist bárbara mesquita.

He’s currently working on a collaborative poetry project with poet Paul Hawkins, Servant Drone.

Blogs regularly at http://umaestruturaassimsempudor.tumblr.com/.

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[r] _ jim leftwich @ differxhost “box”


differx and differxhost [see here and here] host right now the books 01-… (from year 2011 on) of “Six Months Aint No Sentence”, texts and works by Jim Leftwich [+ a file by John M. Bennett, re-working on J.L.'s texts]

All the pdf files are freely downloadable here.

(CC) Jim Leftwich, 2011-…

announcement here too: http://jimleftwichtextimagepoem.blogspot.it/2013/08/jim-leftwich-six-months-aint-no.html


the cork board exhi bit(s)

Trivial events. I’m just working on my cork board.

Of course: I keep & store ALL the sheets and notes and ephemera I’ve been pinning in the last –say– two years. Here are some of them, … a ‘retrospective':

Well. Then I decide I’ll go on pinning stuff using the board as a public exhibit space. The like.
Same links. Stay tuned.