tmemore / mg. 2011

marco giovenale

tell me more about this. just tell me what you told, exactly, tell me what you told them. tell me more about your telling more to them to people asking you more. more than this. more or less. tell them what they want you to say. get those things told. told things, sad things. sad things to be told. tell them more about this. let them tell you more about these sad things. let things tell you more about them all. let them all pass. they all will pass. you’ll be alone with your sadness and pain. tell your sadness from your pain and tell them how sad you are and painful and willing to tell them all the things they don’t know. tell them more about this will. just tell me how much you are willing to tell them what they want to hear from you. tell me more about them. tell me more about telling them. ask people more and tell them more if you can. tell all of them what they all wanted to know but do not dare to ask. tell them more about you and your painful will in telling me you told them what i never wanted to know. i know. it is difficult. time passes and you cannot tell more than this. tell me how many years have passed. years of pain and sadness. tell me how it is difficult to stand here, talk with them, always telling them how to reach a point in which you may say yes i’ve told you what i knew and i have no more things to tell. or, better to say, i don’t have anything more to tell you. anything to tell. and i’ll tell you more: i don’t even know what you now know about what i told, and i know nothing about what i exactly told you. tell me what. if you don’t remember, don’t mind, but don’t forget. you say don’t forget what. i reply i don’t know. i forgot. i’ve just told you all i knew. now it’s your turn to tell me more. tell me more. i want to know. tell me you are willing to tell me what i want and really need to know from you. tell me about more people asking more and tell me more if you can about these people and their will. time just passes and i cannot know how sad you feel and how bad things go. i don’t even know what i know about what they told me talking about their will to tell me all they knew. i’m quite sure they don’t know all. this is why they came to me asking me tell us more. i’ll tell you more, i said, i’ll tell you all i know. more or less, i’ll tell you. sure. and started telling them all i knew and more. but the more i told the more they wanted to know, while they had to admit they didn’t know all, and yet needed to know more than all-all, at all, all at once. all in a while. while we were there we were just talking a little bit about how it was difficult. and still is. how could we tell each other all-all-all. all we knew i think was we were there talking while sound was rising and yet needed to rise more. tell us more, we told. about the telling, sure. about what. i agree i won’t tell you more